Cell Phone Charging Kiosks KC-CPC-A203

Brand : Wonderful / OEM / ODM
Model : KC-CPC-A203
Dimension : W860 * D490 * H1880 mm
Power Requirement : 110~240V,50 / 60 Hz
Working Temperature : -10℃ to 50℃
Storage Temperature : -20℃ to 60℃
Color and Logo : Custom-made
Warranty : One Year

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1.   5 inch Touch Screen
5 inch touch screen displays operation instruction, user could easily understand how to operate on Winnsen cell phone charging
Kiosk. With quick and active response from touch screen, users from different countries all like to charge their cell phone on Winnsen Kiosk. It offers user an excellent user experience, welcomed by those high end locations.

2.   6 Secured Electronic Lockers
KC-CPC-A203 allows 6 mobiles charging at the same time.

3.   LED light
6 electronic lockers are all with LED lighting device inside. It not only decorating charging station more charming, but also performs indicator function. All empty lockers will be with green light inside, user would know green lockers are available for charging. All occupied lockers are with red light inside, in case user sees all 6 lockers are red, they would know that they need to go to other charging stations nearby to charge their device.

4.   Report Function
KC-CPC-A203 offers report function for analizing monthly operation and future business plan.

5.   Remote Control
KC-CPC-A203 could be controlled remotely via internet, by LAN cable, Wifi, 3G or what ever other solutions available.

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