Dual Screen Kiosks KC-DS-A501


Dual Screen Kiosks KC-DS-A501

Brand : Wonderful /ODM / OEM
Model : KC-DS-A501
Dimension : W1038.1 * D698.2 * H1427.8 mm
Power Requirement : 110~240V,50 / 60 Hz
Working Temperature : -10℃ to 50℃
Storage Temperature : -20℃ to 60℃
Color and Logo : Custom-made
Warranty : One Year

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Base Model Includes:

1. LED Light Display Panel
2. 19” TFT Display Monitor
3. LED Light Box
4. Ashtray
5. PCI Encrypted Pinpad
6. RF Card Reader
7. Motorized Card Reader
8. 17” Touch Screen
9. Key Locks
10. Industrial PC
11. Cooling Fan
12. Cold Rolled / Stainless Steel Cabinet
13. Bolt At The Bottom
Component Options:

Wireless Connectivity
Other User Input Devices
Wheels For Easy Transportation
Onsite Installation
Custom / Off-the-shelf Software
Microsoft Windows / Linux  / Android OS

High transparency / accuracy / durability, pure tempered glass, screen reacts to fingers with or without gloves, fingernail, gloved-hand, pen, swipe-card, or any other stylus activation, continues to work with liquids and other contaminants on the screen.
All kiosks have security features like safety locks, properly tested to be anti-vandalism, anti-scratch, moisture-proof, anti-rust, anti-acid, anti-dust ,cooling and sound systems.





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