Custom Kiosks

Custom Kiosk Design

Unparalleled Engineering Expertise for Custom Kiosk Solutions

Executing sophisticated self-service concepts is KioskCN’s undisputed industry “sweet spot.” In fact, the more complex the design, the quicker the market turns to KioskCN’s niche custom engineering experience.

Leveraging KioskCN’s design process expertise ensures clients of program simplicity and rapid first-pass design success, without sacrificing on creativity. From small standard model component tweaks, to the most sophisticated self-service component integration – KioskCN will cut the cleanest path to overall program success.

Custom OEM Services

KIOSKCN’s proven experience in custom solution design and cost-effective hardware manufacturing has positioned us as the preferred OEM contractor for many of the leading technology companies entering the self-service arena.

We realize that every kiosk project starts with prototyping and a series of small manufacturing runs – those small runs that most manufacturers would rather not take on.

KIOSKCN’s specialized OEM services provide competitive and responsive manufacturing that caters to both ends of the volume spectrum on a daily basis.

OEM Solution Design and Manufacturing represents the lion’s share of KIOSKCN’s business, and has led to a complete line of turnkey project services – all under one roof.

Factory Technician Support

WDF Kiosk Technicians provide factory phone support to diagnose and resolve incoming service issues (hardware, software, or Managed Services). Our Customer Service Experts are available from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Sunday.

Advanced Exchange Warranty

While every kiosk unit comes with a 12-month Standard Factory Warranty, Advanced Exchange Warranty is a highly recommended upgrade to ensure safety stock is in place.

KIOSKCN’s Sales Representatives can provide you with full details and quotes of available service options (one, three, and five-year plans).